Saturday, April 4, 2009


So far I think i've lost about 4 pounds, although I havent been working out as much as I should. Been too busy with other things.

My internet on my computer is currently down, so I wont be able to update as much for the next week or so. Im on my dads computer right now.

I'll be back though.

Monday, March 30, 2009


So im keeping up with the whole high-fiber/high-protein thing. Im not sure if i've lost any weight, but I definitely FEEL much better than I have in terms of the physical sense. Been working on stength training, and more core workouts too. I can really feel the difference.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breakfast of champions

So i've realized that something good to do on days that I work out, is to eat a HUGE breakfast, not a big lunch, and a little smaller than average dinner. Like for breakfast, I have 3-4 eggs (scrambled), 2 pieces of whole grain toast, 1 banana, and a glass of milk/orange juice. Then I take all my vitamins about 15 minutes after with a full glass of water.

By doing that, i've noticed that im not near as hungry during the day, and thus im less likely to snack around, especially with unhealthy foods like chips, sweets, etc. Then for lunch, I eat something easy like a bowl of oatmeal, or a protein bar. Sometimes even just a protein shake.

I do this as opposed to eating a bowl of cereal, and being hungry a few hours later, and snacking on useless foods and useless calories. Plus it gives me more time during the day to work off the calories, as opposed to a huge dinner, when all you do afterwards is sit around and eventually go to bed... and not really burning any of them off. This may not work for everyone and it's by no means perfect, but it's definitely working for me :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hints and Tips

So last night, I ran a little bit. I also did some crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, and lunges.

I know alot of people don't have money for a gym, or whatever reason they don't have access, and those right there are some of the best things to do to get in better shape, without wearing your wallet out. Jogging, jumping jacks, and even jump roping are great ways to get your heart going.

I've been making sure to eat and drink better too. I haven't had a Diet Coke in a looooong time, so I guess im a recovering addict. No soda, no potato chips, candy, sugar of any kind as much as I can avoid, etc.

So far, so good. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


You ever realize the moment you start eating better, that the best things you could ever eat... YOU CAN'T? I was standing in line at Safeway, and what do I see? Frosted Animal Crackers! WHAT? I didn't even know they made those. Can I eat them? Nope, I gotta come home, have a protein shake, and eat an avocado. Yay me. It's like relationships: when you're single, all you see is couples in love, and you want that. And the moment you're taken, all you see is gorgeous single people. Isn't life grand? :) But whatever, those crackers would reverse everything i've been working for.

Hurray for my apetite teasing me, hah.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fiber tastes like cardboard.

So eating better sucks. But it's worth it. Im focusing on low carb/ high fiber type eating habit. I refuse to call it a diet, though. That's a totally different mindset.

My dad made the point that healthy eating is more expensive, so therefor it's not important. Let's argue that.

You can eat cheap crap for 30 years, and need an emergency bypass heart surgery because you have liquid butter in your veins, winding up with thousands in medical bills, or even death.


You can spend a little bit more now, and know that you're helping your body for now, and then. And not gain 40 pounds while doing it.

Yay optimism!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New workout.

This workout is already popular, but I had never heard of it. I forget the name now, but who cares. You get your upper body in the push-up position, and pull your knee into your chest (gently) and either rotate, or do 5-10 at a time with each leg. You get the same effects as running up a steep mountain. Apparently it helps your core, legs, and it definitely gets your cardio going a little bit too after a while.

The only downside: your feet start to slip after a while.
Very annoying.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Haha, I feel like I got hit by a freight train.

It's so hard to eat better and work out, when my entire family eats junk food 24/7. All my mom fixes are these unhealthy (but tastey) meals for my dad and brother, and I feel like such an ass because I won't eat 95% of it. They're eating amazing food and im eating.... a mango, avocado, and whole grain cereal. But whatever. It makes it harder, but in the end i'll feel that much better about being fit. And maybe it'll motivate them to eat better.... but I doubt it.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mmmmm sweat!

Just worked on my abs.... or what lack-there of. Hehe. And now they burn.... which I love that feeling. Im covered in sweat, breathing hard, and I smell. YAY ME!

Note to self: Invent a small wrist-watch sized device, that tells you exactly how many calories/pounds you've burned during your workout. And not just a rough estimate, something that's dead on. That would be nice :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Goal List

It would probably be smart to post my goals on here. Im more concerned with sculpting and toning than simply losing weight. But still, heres what I want to lose and/or work on:

Lose 5 lbs. in the next month (seems like an achievable goal) and hopefully 25 lbs. by... let's say August. To some, this might seem like too easy of a goal, but I don't want to set my sights too high, just in case I don't achieve 100% of them.
Work on abs.
Work on biceps and triceps.
Work on upper legs.
Build hand strength; I play bass so I you'd think i'd have enough, but I need to get more.

Theres just a short list. Nothin' fancy.

Feel like crap much?

You know that feeling you get in the morning, after you worked out for 45 minutes the day before? Im not gonna lie, I kinda like this feeling. You get out of bed and feel like you fell down a flight of stairs. It's awesome.

Since last night i've eaten the following:

'Smart Start' cereal
Canned peaches

And about 26 ounces of water.

So far, so good.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starting workout routine

OK, so here's what I've got so far in terms of starting workouts.

I wanna say first, that im a poor white boy. I don't live near a gym, and I don't have the money for fancy workout equipment. That's the reason all of this is so simplified.

This workout plan is only temporary, just to get my body in the routine of working out. So here goes;

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday (3 weeks of the month): 4 rounds, each round consisting of:
10 push-ups
20 squats
10 center crunches
5 left crunches
5 right crunches
2 minutes of shadow-boxing

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday (last week of the month): 4 rounds:
5 push-ups
10 squats
10 crunches (all)
2 minutes of shadow-boxing

This is probably for the next month or so. And then i'll post the new plan for myself.


First posts are always the worst.

So far I have done the following:

-Started taking 4000mg of Omega-3 a day
-100mg of 5HTP per day
-20 minutes of shadowboxing 4 times a week
-At least 50 crunches per day, 3 times a week
-Haven't had a soda in over 8 days, including Diet... which I think im having withdrawls from
-Cut out useless calories and carbs
-Eating much more Fiber and drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, which is a hell of a lot more than I used to.
-Whey/Protein shake every day (that stuff tastes like someone urinated in my chocolate milk)

It's not perfect by any means. But I need to start somewhere. :)