Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starting workout routine

OK, so here's what I've got so far in terms of starting workouts.

I wanna say first, that im a poor white boy. I don't live near a gym, and I don't have the money for fancy workout equipment. That's the reason all of this is so simplified.

This workout plan is only temporary, just to get my body in the routine of working out. So here goes;

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday (3 weeks of the month): 4 rounds, each round consisting of:
10 push-ups
20 squats
10 center crunches
5 left crunches
5 right crunches
2 minutes of shadow-boxing

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday (last week of the month): 4 rounds:
5 push-ups
10 squats
10 crunches (all)
2 minutes of shadow-boxing

This is probably for the next month or so. And then i'll post the new plan for myself.



grlinheadphones said...

Gotta start somewhere and your plan sounds like a good place to start!