Monday, March 23, 2009


You ever realize the moment you start eating better, that the best things you could ever eat... YOU CAN'T? I was standing in line at Safeway, and what do I see? Frosted Animal Crackers! WHAT? I didn't even know they made those. Can I eat them? Nope, I gotta come home, have a protein shake, and eat an avocado. Yay me. It's like relationships: when you're single, all you see is couples in love, and you want that. And the moment you're taken, all you see is gorgeous single people. Isn't life grand? :) But whatever, those crackers would reverse everything i've been working for.

Hurray for my apetite teasing me, hah.



Da Old Man said...

You made a good decision. I congratulate you.

grlinheadphones said...

mmmmm frosted animal crackers *drools*

Yeah you did the right thing!

mizah g√ľncel said...


Joy said...

You will get a "feeling" of triumph from restraining. You will get a "feeling" of guilt from giving in. Which feeling feels best? Good job!