Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breakfast of champions

So i've realized that something good to do on days that I work out, is to eat a HUGE breakfast, not a big lunch, and a little smaller than average dinner. Like for breakfast, I have 3-4 eggs (scrambled), 2 pieces of whole grain toast, 1 banana, and a glass of milk/orange juice. Then I take all my vitamins about 15 minutes after with a full glass of water.

By doing that, i've noticed that im not near as hungry during the day, and thus im less likely to snack around, especially with unhealthy foods like chips, sweets, etc. Then for lunch, I eat something easy like a bowl of oatmeal, or a protein bar. Sometimes even just a protein shake.

I do this as opposed to eating a bowl of cereal, and being hungry a few hours later, and snacking on useless foods and useless calories. Plus it gives me more time during the day to work off the calories, as opposed to a huge dinner, when all you do afterwards is sit around and eventually go to bed... and not really burning any of them off. This may not work for everyone and it's by no means perfect, but it's definitely working for me :)


Chelle said...

A good breakfast is pretty important! I try to eat balanced throughout the day, I really do believe breakfast helps keep your metabolism in check - I love the fact that i wake up in the morning starving :) It's how I know my metabolism is going strong!

midas said...

we are at the same boat. it is really nice to wake up in the morning when you're taking in light meal for dinner, right?

Diet Plan said...

Good post. Keep on Posting :).